Predictions: The Smart Home

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Predictions: The Smart Home

Predictions: The Smart Home
In recent weeks, we've begun a blog series looking at general technology trends, the digital infrastructure needed, and specific technologies that will impact construction. We've also explored what the worker and customer want and how that affects construction, with last week's focus on cities of the future. Today, let's focus on the house of the future.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the way we use and interact with our homes has changed. Before the pandemic, we saw the rise of open concepts, but some of that is starting to evolve as some people still work from home - at least some of the time. This has led to the need for separate spaces for work and play in the home.

At the same time, we are seeing an increasing emphasis on connectedness in the home. Issues such as remote work, remote education and remote health care have drawn attention to the need for faster bandwidth. ABI Research says more than 630 million smart-home devices will hit the market this year, but a series of recent developments will determine the value and scope of those smart-home investments as the broader market begins to transition.

The installation of smart-home devices is becoming increasingly disconnected from the services provided through each installation. Applications such as home security and energy management will sit alongside home health, insurance, commerce, robotics, entertainment and more as a host of services are integrated with smart home awareness to simplify and automate everyday life.

As standardization and expansion move ever closer, smart home players face a host of market developments, including the availability of new spectrum, greater specialization in services, new partnerships, additional connectivity options and increasing competition across the smart home market.

This also comes at a time when there is a greater focus on sustainability in the home, something that Peggy Smedley, and her husband Dave, are demonstrating this year and next as they build a Living Lab, with the help of a host of industry partners to encourage environmentally friendly and green living.

This home will feature cutting-edge products and systems from leading manufacturers and technology companies from around the world. From the Ground Up: Project Sustainability Living Lab will demonstrate and teach how we can create a sustainable, clean and green future for all the homes and future communities in which we live, thrive and prosper.

As we move toward a more connected, post-pandemic future, our homes will undoubtedly look different than before - and construction companies will be tasked with building these smart, connected and sustainable homes. The future starts now.

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